Friday Buffet: Asian Edition

This article in India’s The Hindu ponders which is a better use for food waste: composting or energy creation. Before reading, I would have said energy creation. Now, I’m not so sure.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is a polite way of saying the West wastes some high quality food:  

The bio-degradable waste produced in India does not have high calorific value like the Western countries where power generation has been demonstrated.

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Instead of composting food waste or making energy from food waste, some shrewd Thai folks are making food packaging. To be precise, they’re not really using food waste, but bagasse, a biproduct of sugar cane processing. Ignoring the obvious bagasse jokes, wouldn’t producing ethanol make more sense? 

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From this Digital Chosunilbo article, I learned that food waste diversion is firmly entrenched in Korea and, to a lesser extent, in Japan. Unfortunately, it seems that crow attacks are common in Japan. When not attacking, they play soccer.

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Finally, I can’t talk about Asia and food waste without bringing up my favorite Singaporean food preservation system–the ESMoSPHERE. ESMo Technologies sent me a free sample, which I found, through my somewhat-scientific testing, kinda worked.

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