Friday Buffet

La Tomatina took place this week. That’s right, the big tomato fight in Buñol, Spain. In addition to being a big ol’ waste of food, it looked kind of dull.

Based on this video, I’d say it would get old in, oh, about 30 seconds.

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In the Welcome to Wuh-stah (Worcester, Mass.) department, there’s some great news out of Clark University:

While composting captures material from Clark’s waste stream and produces a useable soil amendment, you will have a greater positive impact on the environment by wasting less food in the first place. Try taking less food the first time around. If you are still hungry, get seconds.

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 In other New England news, I really enjoyed this column from Northwestern Vermont’s County Courier. Amen!

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Quote of the Week: “My first wife took 3 houses and half of both my pensions. After that, I decided it was time to start helping the needy, not the greedy.”
–Eddie Heard, 81, (in a phone interview) on why he decided to work full-time as a volunteer recovering food with Senior Gleaners.  

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