The Weekly Waste Word: Appetite for Shopping

Today marks the second installment in this series of tips for avoiding waste. “The Weekly Waste Word” will run every Monday, the day I usually do my grocery shopping.

This advice may be a bit basic, but it bears repeating: Don’t shop hungry.

“Don’t go hungry—you’ll buy everything, because it all looks good,” said Alicia Ross, a syndicated food columnist who writes the Desperation Dinners column. “You’re like Pavlov’s dog wandering through the aisles. Often people buy more food than they could possibly consume before it goes bad.”  Ross co-wrote Cheap. Fast. Good! together with Beverly Mills that contains many thrifty tips in addition to quick meal recipes.

While I usually snack before going, I often resemble Pavlov’s dog traipsing through the store. If you do find yourself hungry in the store, do what I do: pavlovs-dog.gif eat some of those free samples they put out. I suppose you could also buy yourself a little nosh. Just be sure to eat something, lest you return home with enough to feed an army when you only live with a squad.

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