Theft Wastes Food

I can’t think of an odder or sadder reason for wasted food than this: this weekend, metal thieves stole copper piping from refrigerators at Indiana’s largest food bank.

This is front page news in Indianapolis, as Gleaners food bank had to throw away $464,000 of food that spoiled after spending the weekend without refrigeration.

Among the items lost: 3,482 cases of dairy products, 1,860 cases of half-pints of milk and 48,743 cases of produce. In all, 54,892 cases of frozen foods were in jeopardy, including 233 cases of deer meat and 63 turkeys.

After watching the local TV news report, you realize just how selfish this act was. In addition to the precious metal, the thieves stole food from hungry people’s plates. Gleaners food bank supplies more than 400 shelters.

Even stranger–this is third time Gleaners has been robbed in the last two months. If there is a silver lining to the robbery, it’s that this barbaric theft is bringing out the best in people.  


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