Are You Hungry?

Today is National Hunger Awareness Day.

Do you and your family struggle to find enough food? If not, maybe you should help the 10 percent of Americans who do. To find out what hunger awareness events are happening in your state, America’s Second Harvest created this handy tool. Some of the options are pretty painless, such as eating at a restaurant donating part of its profits to food banks.

Now, I realize we all lead busy lives. If you’re unable to volunteer or attend an event today, here’s another idea: try not to waste any food. Think of those who don’t have enough to eat and recognize them through your actions. In addition, some events run all week or all month so you can always volunteer another day (but try to arrange it today while it’s fresh in your mind). At the very least, watch this Colbert Report clip on the topic of National Hunger Awareness Day.

As for me, I’ll be avoiding waste, eating simply and getting back to my volunteer gig of finding food sources for a local homeless shelter. 

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